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How to switch your online video & audio converter to YtMp3?

  • STEP 1: give YtMp3 just a 30 second test. Click on top 20 music videos, then on any video you like, download button will show, press the button, mp3 will start download.
  • STEP 2: now try Youtube playlist (or Daily, Soundcloud, Instagram etc multi audio-video posts - playlists) and download all or part of it in just a few clicks, quick and easy.
  • STEP 3: now if you know what music you want - type artist name or song title in search box above, intuitive suggestions will help complete your search sooner & with less effort.
  • YtMp3 - free Youtube to mp3 converter online

    YtMp3 has been disappearing from google lately, so we've dediced to support the cause and start our own version of Ytmp3. We don't aspire for greatness, but our site works well and has less or zero advertisements, so it's your choice. Plus our site has many more features than the original. YtMp3 can work with playlists and search Youtube, while original can not claim such features. We have https for privacy, and there's no limits to video conversions or downloads, as long as no abuse is detected. Please, feel free to test us out. The 3 step guide above shows how to quit the unhealthy relationship with your current Youtube to mp3 converter, leave all its awful popups and ads behind, and start clean, new slate with YtMp3. Follow that guide, and good times with less redirects are guaranteed. Enjoy!

    Find free music on Youtube

    YtMp3 can help you find videos on Youtube. Simply start typing your search query in the input box above, and search-suggest will help with local popular tags.

    Youtube to mp3 converter

    Any music you find on Youtube - convert it to mp3 right on the spot. Our Youtube to mp3 converter is the best, it adds video thumbnail as mp3 album art for easy find.

    Download Youtube to mp4

    Youtube videos can be watched offline, - download video to mp4 file on your device, and watch it over and over without extra data transfer and lesser battery usage.

    Download whole playlist

    YtMp3 makes it easy to handle bit Youtube playlists. Copy playlist link from browser or Youtube app, paste it into white box & hit GO to see the list of titles.

    YtMp3 helps download Youtube videos to mp4

    YtMp3 is not just Youtube video to mp3 audio converter. It can also help you download Youtube videos as mp4 files to your device for offline viewing later. Simply look for smaller button below the mp3 converter button, click it and wait for video info to load. Then you will be able to download your video as mp4 file, as well as webm, m4a and other formats. Up to 30-40 download methods usually shown for new Youtube videos. Try it out, and forget any online video converter you've used before, because YtMp3 can download video from nearly 600 websites, video archives and social networks. Back up your Facebook or Instagram videos to laptop for offline viewing, - use YtMp3 for that and you will be satisfied!

    YtMp3 has web app

    Add to Home Screen

    Install YtMp3 web app to your smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop. It works on Android and Windows, best performs with Chrome, Opera or Edge browsers. It will not ask for updates, it utilizes YtMp3 website to perform Youtube to mp3 covnerter tasks, it has search and works with playlists. And it's free, unlimited use, safe and secure. Try it out, it's truly awesome.

    Bookmarklet for browser

    Download audio

    Drag and drop this button to your browser bookmarks section. Then visit Youtube and open a video. If you like to get mp3, - click the bookmark and browser will open a new tab with YtMp3 in it, where mp3 converter button will show up ready to have your video as mp3 for download. This bookmark helps skip the video URL copy-paste process if you're not using Youtube search.